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safe, healthy, green products

Launched new VI system, along with new product packaging;

Pioneered patented eco-friendly paper packaging catering oiltriggering a revolution in catering oil


Precisely put forward the “natural, pure, beany flavor free” product features, successfully standing out from the industry competition;

Purchased exclusive naming rights to Hunan Satellite TV’s Spring Festival Gala (2007-2009)

China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival 2008, I Want to Go to the Spring Festival Gala on CCTV-3

Creatively proposed the insights on “How to choose good oil – two factors matter!” and “Fresh rapeseed – provide a sneak peak of freshly pressing process”

Quickly launched the pressed oil series, becoming the brand with the largest number of pressed products at that time,And successfully pioneered a new category of “pressed oil”;

Spring Festival Gala on HNTV in 2007

Spring Festival Gala on HNTV in 2009

I Want to Appear on the Spring Festival Gala in 2010

The DaoDaoQuan brand was fully upgraded to creatively launch its new brand proposition of “allow the diet to be more healthful”,

Leading the industry to a new height;

Took a lead to introduce a variety of flavored rapeseed oil products such as original, mellow, native and aromatic fragrance in the industry,

Leading the new trend of the development of rapeseed oil;

Came on board as the presenting sponsor of both the Spring Festival Gala and 3.15 Gala on CCTV-1; exclusive naming sponsorship of the Taste of China on CCTV-1; joint launch of public benefit activities of offering free lunches in Southwest China titled “Focus on Growth and Nutritional Lunch – Make Donation of Good Oil to Charity”; exclusive naming sponsorship of What’s the Super Delicious on both Chongqing Satellite TV and Guizhou Satellite TV as well as The First Viewers Festival on Jiangxi TV

Held continuous large-scale brand promotion roadshow activities, all of which were popular, making DaoDaoQuan a new benchmark for industry brand promotion;


315 Evening Party

Chinese Taste

The First Audience Festival in 2015

Brand upgrading in 2015

Purchased exclusive naming rights to the Spring Festival Gala for Global Chinese Overseas and the large-scale comedy reality show Top Surprise on Hunan Satellite TV, and continued to deepen strategic cooperation with CCTV and other high-end media outlets, with a focus on promoting the building of DaoDaoQuan into a strategic core market brand;

DaoDaoQuan’s Nature Health Preserving commercial ad won the Silver Award of the International Advertising Awards (IAI) (Gold Award left vacant), making it one of the only brands in the food industry that were awarded, and the only in the oil and fat industry;

DaoDaoQuan invested heavily in the sponsorship of Singer, an ace variety show aired on Hunan Satellite TV;

Launched a new product focusing on the “plant sterol pressed rapeseed oil” strategy through ground-breaking R&D,Leading the new trend of the development of the rapeseed oil industry once again;

A large variety show Happy Chinese, specially sponsored by DaoDaoQuan, was broadcast on CCTV-1, Telling touching stories about the struggle, wisdom, and courage of Chinese;DaoDaoQuan served as the contributing sponsor to premier the PhantaCity, an annual original variety show mega-hit on Hunan Satellite TV;

DaoDaoQuan fully embarked on the journey of brand building through investment in TV programs all the year round. It became the title sponsor, throughout the year, of the popular variety show Open the Door Down aired on CCTV-3, the exclusive title sponsor of the variety show Dream Space on Hunan Satellite TV, and the designated oil for three popular food variety shows – Back to Field, Chinese Restaurant, and The Inn.

Happy Chinese

Top Surprise



As the number one brand in China’s rapeseed oil sector, DaoDaoQuan is the country’s first listed oil and fat brand focusing on the world of rapeseed oil. For more than two decades, we have been staying focused on technology research and development and innovation in rapeseed oil. Our original patented technologies such as refrigeration dewaxing and nitrogen-filled preservation enable DaoDaoQuan branded products to enjoy an extremely high market reputation.


DaoDaoquan’s leading brand in flavored rapeseed oil in China remains focused on the R&D and innovation of the professional field of flavored rapeseed oil, with a rich range of product line as well as products that enjoy good consumer reputation in some regional markets such as Southwest China and East China.


Caiziwang’s professional edible oil brand features rapeseed oil, blend oil and catering oil, which have been sold well in the Southwest China market for 20 years. It always holds fast to product quality and affordable price, providing consumers with cheap and fine products.


DaoDaoQuan Group’s catering oil brand, which specializes in the R&D and innovation of catering oil, is the first of its kind to launch barreled catering oil and catering oil with soft packaging. It has been setting the trend of catering oil consumption, with high market share in Central China, Southwest China, East China and other markets. rate. It is now a designated product of many famed catering establishments.